The Rising Tide || W3 Sunday Night || Wes & Cordy

Cordy had left the Washburne’s room fairly emotionally exhausted, but she needed to see Wesley. She hadn’t been able to talk to him post the Angelus realization. If she was honest with herself, it was because she scared to face him. Seeing him would remind Cordelia of how happy he was for her when she told him about the development between her and Angel, how he hadn’t even thought to warn her to be careful, keep in mind Angel’s curse. He believed in her to do the right thing so much that it hadn’t even made its way into the conversation. 

Cordy didn’t want to face how much she had let him and everyone else down. But, at the same time, she knew she couldn’t hide forever. Cordelia needed to see Wesley and know for herself how much he hated and blamed her, or worse if he, like Doyle, didn’t.

Cordelia poked her head into Wesley’s room, uttering a soft, “Hey,” to announce her presence. Apparently, even after all that had happened, knocking still wasn’t a habit she had acquired.